Hiring The Right Person For A Job

When your job involves interviewing people and selecting the right person for a job, it can be difficult to determine exactly which of the candidates would be the best fit for your organisation. This article describes some of what an interviewer should be looking for, and some common pitfalls to avoid.

The Applicant’s Experience

One of the most important things to discuss is the applicant’s previous experience. Try looking at their resume and comparing it to the hiring criteria. Keep in mind that skills can be learned quite easily: it’s not important that they know how to use an industry-specific piece of software, but whether they have good computer skills and have previously adjusted to new software. However, a candidate who has previously performed a wide range of duties will probably be the most attractive.

The Applicant’s Personality

As well as the applicant’s practical experience, it might be useful to consider their personality. If the job involves working with customers, are they chatty and fun to talk to? If the job involves long hours working alone, do they seem as if they would enjoy that? If you ask them about their previous job and they say negative things, is this really the kind of person you want to hire? Will they fit into the existing team?

What Not To Do

One common mistake when hiring is to become so pleased with one aspect of a candidate, such as their personality, that you overlook their negative points. Remember to look at the big picture. Another major issue is not leaving enough time and rushing into a choice that isn’t quite right: make sure you leave enough time to properly evaluate all the candidates.

If all these factors are taken into account, the process of recruiting and choosing a candidate should be made simpler.